Snake: fiat lux!

Snake is the accessory created by our Creative-Cables partners to bring light anywhere you want it and hang your ceiling lampshades. Snake is equipped on one end with a normal 2 Pole 10A plug, IMQ certified and made in Italy, and on the other end with a white thermoplastic lamp holder equipped with nut and E27 Max 60W switch, IMQ certified, also made in Italy.

In between, two meters of textile cable that we offer in 4 neutral colors: gray, steward blue, bark and taupe. Snake finds its place in all those cases where the electrical outlets are missing: because they were not foreseen at the design stage or because the intended use of the room has changed. Moreover, it is perfect in those cases where is not possible to alter the electrical system: for example, in rented apartments.

A classic solution that we suggest is the association with Pinocchio, our wall accessory: simply choose a lampshade with a E27 connection and a diameter of less than 50 cm. In this example, combining a cylindrical lampshade in light parchment, a gray snake and a natural color Pinocchio, we improvised an original reading nook.

The second option is to buy some decentralizers from our Creative-Cables partner siteconnect the Snake to a high electrical outlet and create a full-fledged chandelier. In this case, the lampshade will have a E27 connection but there are no limits regarding the diameter. In the example below, we matched a red canvas lampshade with a dove-gray snake and lit the corner of a waiting room.

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