How to improve your home to sell it

Many of you will certainly have come across terrifying real estate ads. The inexperience of homeowners and the careless work of the mediator often lead to taking dark, sad and unflattering photographs of the building. The situation doesn’t always improve during the appointment; often the apartment is dirty, untidy, and badly lit, to the point of discouraging the potential buyer or lowering the value of the property. When we talk about "homestaging" we are referring to techniques -based on neuromarketing studies! - for rapid interventions on buildings to improve their appearance and reveal their actual potential.

We interviewed the architect Nadia Liboà, co-founder of Torino Home Staging, one of the first Italian companies to propose this type of professional service and to offer training courses dedicated to operators in the sector.

Who are your main customers?

Anyone who wishes to enhance their property: to sell it, rent it, or even for accommodation purposes. Real estate agents also offer their customers this service as an additional sales tool. In this image, we removed the upholstery and the chandelier, replacing it with two reading lamps which created the light that the room needed.

How does the service work?

A preliminary visit to the building is followed by a quotation and an executive project, which is normally carried out within a maximum of fifteen days. This can include replacing or adding furniture, textiles, lamps or other details; painting a wall or coating some tiles. In this picture, a bathroom has been totally refreshed by coating these out-of-fashion tiles and adding some green accessories.

Are the results in terms of sales evident?

Absolutely yes. Unfortunately, in Italy we do not have as many statistics as other countries because we tend not to consult homestagers, and often the owners of the house take care of any improvements. A professional figure can carry out the right intervention with the minimum expense and knows how to take advantage of the building's potential and communicate it to its best.

How is your team composed?

We are two architects, both women, and a designer; we also collaborate with other professionals (photography, web) to make sure we give the best solution to each project.

What are the approximate costs of the operation?

Each property is a project in itself, but usually offer two possibilities: a project consultancy starting at 300 euro or a complete intervention, where the cost cannot in any case be more than 3% of the value of the property, otherwise it would not be convenient.

What are the timings of the operation?

The transformation and preparation of the building must take place within fifteen days maximum. We are usually able to carry out all the operations in one week.

Who can become homestager and how?

Home Staging is a job opportunity for real estate agents and for design enthusiasts who want to expand their service offerings. Our courses end with a day of practical training that takes place in a holiday home flat in the center of Turin: on this occasion emotional set-ups are created and a professional provides important notions of interior photography.

To see the work carried out by Torino Home Staging:

To find out about the training courses organized by Torino Home Staging:

For any information: 328.3922283

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