Fermaluce: functional, decorative and discreet

Fermaluce is the solution created by the combined creativities of Creative-Cables and Creative-Lampshades to set up light spots that are simultaneously:

discreet: the dimensions of a Fermaluce are limited compared to those of a chandelier or a classic wall light. The diameter of the lampshade is 15 and the maximum height is 18 cm. So it is perfect, for example, in the case of low or sloping ceilings

functional: each Fermaluce mounts a bulb with E27-Max 53W connection, therefore able to generate a good amount of light. Further more, the fabric shade is ideal when the bare bulb is too dazzling.

decorative: the Fermaluce range is declined in 6 metallic finishes for the base and 11 coatings for the fabric lampshade.

Like all of our products, Fermaluce lampshade is made in Italy only at the time of order and can be made in any of our coatings.

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