How to clean your lampshade

We are often asked the correct cleaning routine for lampshades. Sometimes it's not very easy to reach them (especially suspended lamps!), so we tend to neglect them and discover -months later- that they are covered with dust.

Lampshades shouldn't ever come into contact with water, so dry-cleaning is recommended using some tools. Good news: you probably have some of them at home, if not, you can get them from your nearby supermarket!

Step 1. Gently dust the inside and the outside of your lampshade using a clean paintbrush or a microfiber cloth, from the top to the bottom. Otherwise you can use a lint roller, but only on the outside.

Step 2. Carefully clean the spots which are difficult to reach, such as the angles, using a hairdryer (set on cool air) or by using a can of compressed air.

Step 3. Rub the lampshade with an anti-static cloth which will prevent dust from sticking again

In case your lampshades are faded or stained, it may be time to replace them: if you need our help or suggestion in choosing your next lampshade just write us or fill out this form!

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