Main office in Italy

Luca: CEO&Founder.

Taller than a floor lamp, restless as a carbon filament, he always has a comic with a (LED) light bulb over his head. In the office, everyone is kind of scared by which next idea he can come up with any minute, between lampshades shapes and fashionable fabrics.

Luca Creative-Lampshades

Valeria: New Projects.

She is a wannabe agony aunt, and dreams of being finally crowned world champion of blunders. In the meantime, she dedicates herself to project management and communication.

Valeria Creative-Lampshades


Former volleyball player. He is a big supporter of Fiorentina, in the soccer field as well as on the plate (strictly with the bone). He makes sure that your wishes come true.

Stefano Creative-Lampshades


We have been talking about taking out an insurance on her hands for 1 million dollars, like Celine Dion’s voice. Her wise and skilled fingers assemble the lampshades, add trims and give the final touches.

Paola Creative-Lampshades


A full time runner: if he’s not working out at the park he is chasing his two daughters. He makes sure the transporters work hard: thanks to him, our lampshades are delivered on time.

Demis Creative-Lampshades

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